February 18, 2020

Al Mustafa Trust KN Gohar Green City Hospital

On the December 21, 2019 another milestone was attained by the KN Gohar Green City , when ground breaking ceremony of Al Mustafa Trust KN Gohar Green City Hospital was taken place. The hospital is being built in jointly-collaboration between the Al Mustafa Trust and Gohar Group of Companies.  

The plaque in the event was mutually unveiled by the Chairman Al Mustafa Trust Lt Gen Muhammad Mustafa Khan (R) & Chairman Gohar Group of Companies Muhammad Hanif Gohar. It should be noted that the land & building was donated by KN Gohar Green City.

With this hospital within walled-boundary, the gated-community of the KN Gohar Green City would have 24-hour access to medical facilities, pharmacies, doctor-on-call, nursing and many more.

The significance and repute of the project would be enhanced sizably and valued further for investment point of view.

Published on February 18, 2020