February 11, 2020

Gohar Villas; (En)viable Investment Opportunities

Investors and businessmen always love to trade in safe and hustle-free environs. At times when construction industry is down and housing opportunities are limited, the Scheme 45 is a smart and considerable venue to invest and trade for better future. Yet, it must be advisable to bet on reputable name amongst the fraternity of builders and developers. Gohar Group of Companies needs no introduction and their project the Gohar Villas is attracting realtors and buyers for many reasons.


Scheme 45 is one of the best ongoing schemes for business and development, which is located alongside Northern Bypass. Aimed to facilitate commerce and trade activities, the area is not only a promising business hub but also because of growing population influx in Karachi city, it has now primed with a series of housing projects and development schemes. But non amongst these housing projects matches the class and comfort zone of prestigious Gohar Villas

The location and layout of Villas and apartments can be easily traced on the master plan, designed by expert planners. That help to understand the significance and substantiality of the project.


Apart from affordable accommodations and cozy living, Gohar Villas are promising opportunity for the future investment as well. People from all walk of life are very much interested in investing here, and because of its prodigious location buyers are intensely preferring to reside in this area.

With the name of Gohar Group of Companies behind as the developer of the project, it is impossible to have any iota of doubt and irresistible to bet your money on this lucrative opportunity. Besides, it may also render handsome rental income after possessions, so one can invest here as a risk-free venue for regular monthly income.


The development scheme have multiple things to trade in -- from 120 and 160 square yards Single storied and One Unit residential Villas to 100, 120 and 200 square yards commercial plots, available in budgeted  plans. As an example a 120 square yard simple residential plot that cost Rs. 1.8 million can be booked on less than 8% value and Rs. 8000 easy monthly installment, payable in 3 years.

Though, quite evident that Gohar Villas is an ideal housing project, yet besides residential purpose, it is also a good investment opportunity for quick and confirm return.

Published on February 11, 2020

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